Madonna flashes nipple in video while ‘in the mood for love’

Seems like she’s in the mood for more than just “love.”

Madonna flashed her nipple while flirtatiously dancing around in sexy lingerie in a video posted to her Instagram on Monday.

“In the mood for love………. 💛,” she captioned the NSFW post, which was set to the sensual sounds of Miles Davis’ “Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud.”

Madonna, 64, could be seen rolling around in a bustier top, fishnet tights, bronze stilettos and a long fur coat in the clip.

While she slightly exposed her chest, she covered her eyes with sunglasses and wore long gold gloves to conceal her hands.

The Queen of Pop also at one point rubbed her body as she sensually stared into the camera lens.

Several critics took to the comments section to slam Madge for her strange behavior.

Madonna on Instagram
Madonna danced around in lingerie as she freed the nipple.

“Please stop! We want Madonna not that…what have you done…you killed her for this…? This not re-invention , it’s a suicide…” one person wrote.

“I do think you should tone it down a bit …looks like you’re trying to [sic] hard and desperate to stay relevant,” a second person said.

“Bad lighting ✅ zero new ideas ✅ wearing fur which is just s–t ✅ good to see more tik tok styled rubbish. Sorry but it’s true, just because it’s Madonna don’t mean it’s good. Once you believe your own hype it’s time to stop,” a third agreed.

Others called out Madonna for wearing fur so freely.

“If you only knew how unsexy you are. An old lady wrapped in a once beautiful animal’s skin,” someone person wrote.

“The murder of these helpless souls will be your end Madonna very bad karma … all … for… what?🤬🦊 Wake up, it’s 2022. NO FUR,” another commented.

Madonna on Instagram
Critics also dragged the star for wearing fur.

“😢😢fur is gross. It’s really awful and horrible what happens to animals all for vanity,” a netizen slammed.

Madonna has been making a habit of posting salacious content on her social media.

This week, she posed topless with just a Balenciaga bag covering her breasts. And earlier this month she left fans confused after she licked water out of a dog bowl.

She also twerked for fans in lingerie and wore a controversial necklace made of vibrators.

Fans have also been expressing their concerns over Madonna’s ever-changing appearance. Plastic surgeons have even weighed in on what work Madonna has allegedly had done to her face, including theories of rhinoplasty, a facelift, botox and injections.

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