Lisa Hochstein can’t buy diapers, food for kids amid divorce

Lisa Hochstein has filed a second “urgent” motion for temporary support from her estranged husband, Lenny Hochstein, after he allegedly cut off her access to his American Express card.

In court documents filed Nov. 16 and obtained by Page Six exclusively, the “Real Housewives of Miami” star claims she tried to “buy diapers and food for the parties’ minor child,” but “the credit card was declined.”

Lisa, 40, and Lenny, 56, share two children: son Logan, 7, and daughter Elle, 3.

The reality star further claims that not only has the famed plastic surgeon failed to transfer money into her account “in several months,” but he also took her car away and insists she use a “two-door” to transport their kids.

“[Lenny’s] clear strategy now is to force [Lisa] into submission by refusing to provide [Lisa] or minor children with any direct support,” the documents allege.

Lisa Hochstein sitting on Lenny Hochstein's lap.
Lisa Hochstein claims in new court documents that her credit card was declined when trying to buy her kids’ diapers and food.
Instagram/Lisa Hochstein

Lisa further alleges that while she has been unable to properly care for her children, Lenny threw a $100,000 Halloween bash while she took their kids trick-or-treating in an Uber after he removed her access to “all vehicles.”

“[Lenny] has the ability to throw lavish parties, but doesn’t have the ability or desire to provide support to [Lisa] and the parties’ two young children?” read the documents.

Lisa is requesting the court have Lenny maintain the “reasonable financial status quo,” establish temporary support and award attorneys’ fees.

Lenny’s attorney didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment, and the self-proclaimed “boob god” has yet to respond to his estranged wife’s latest filing.

However, in response to her last request for temporary support, Lenny alleged that the “Housewife” was earning $30,000 per episode of the Peacock series.

Lisa Hochstein sitting on Lenny Hochstein's lap.
Page Six broke the news in May that Lenny was divorcing Lisa.
Instagram/Lisa Hochstein

Lenny also claimed their prenuptial agreement required Lisa to move out of their marital home within 30 days of either party filing for divorce or upon the divorce’s finalization, whichever came first.

Because Lisa has “refused” to vacate the former couple’s Star Island home, the documents state, Lenny claimed he’s spent $455,000 on household expenses for Lisa and their two kids.

Page Six broke the news in May that Lenny was divorcing Lisa after moving on with a new woman named Katharina Mazepa, though he maintained he began dating the model after he and the TV personality called it quits on their 12-year marriage.

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