Biden’s Delaware football claim made in speech intercepted

President Joe Biden appeared to have another gaffe on Thursday other than his gas prices flub.

Biden, in a speech in Syracuse, N.Y., told a story about where he met his first wife, the late Neilia Hunter Biden, and alleged he quit the football team at the University of Delaware to be with her.

“I married a beautiful woman from Skaneateles Lake,” Biden said of Neilia Hunter. “I met her on spring break and fell head over heels in love with her and gave up a starting job on the football team in Delaware to come up … every weekend because I couldn’t stay away.”

Biden was a solid athlete during his high school career in Pennsylvania, but his days with the Blue Hens have been murky. Biden wrote in his memoir, “Promises to Keep,” in 2008 that he quit football after the fall season in 1963 to focus on his studies. According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, he had a 1.9 GPA at the time.

“When my first semester grades came out, my mom and dad told me I wouldn’t be playing spring football,” he wrote.

According to the paper, Biden tried to make the team his junior year but decided to pursue Neilia instead.

President Joe Biden speaks at Onondaga Community College on Oct. 27, 2022 in Syracuse, New York.
During the same speech, Biden claimed the price of gas was “over $5” when he took office.

Biden had also mentioned in a 2012 campaign stop that he was on the Delaware team as a freshman in 1963 when the Blue Hens topped the Ohio Bobcats.

“I just double-checked my memory, you know, you get to my age, and you’re not so sure you remember. You know, your glory days look more glorious than they really were,” Biden said at the time. “I went back on the internet, and I just want you to know that I came here on Oct. 19, 1963, and we beat you Bobcats, 29-12.”

President Joe Biden jogs over to talk to the press before leaving the White House to start his trip to Syracuse, New York on Oct. 27, 2022.
Biden stated he was on the 1963 Delaware team that defeated the Ohio Bobcats.

The University of Delaware told the Huffington Post in 2012 that Biden didn’t play in that game and, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian, prior to 1972 freshmen were only allowed to play on freshmen teams.

GOP communications director Zach Parkinson noted instances in which it was Biden’s father who pressured him off the team to focus on his grades.

In the same speech, Biden also claimed the price of gas was “over $5” when he took office when data showed it was $2.39.

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