Alec Bohm has come ‘full circle’ will Phillies after rocky start

PHILADELPHIA — In his second game of the season, Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm made three throwing errors and the home crowd at Citizens Bank Park let him have it.

It wasn’t that unusual a scene in a town like Philadelphia, with a famously tough and vocal fan base.

What made it stand out, though, was the fact that after the third error, Bohm was caught on camera saying: “I f—ing hate this place.”

After the game, though, Bohm apologized.

“Look, emotions got the best of me,’’ Bohm said. “I said it. Do I mean it? No. It’s a frustrating night for me, obviously. Made a few mistakes in the field. These people, these fans, they just want to win. I mean, you heard it when we came back. They’re great. I’m sorry to them. I don’t mean that. Emotions just got the best of me.”

World Series
Alec Bohm strokes a double for the Phillies.
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The next day, Bohm got a standing ovation and six months later, he’s starting in the World Series on Tuesday, where the Phillies are playing their first World Series game at Citizens Bank Park since 2009.

“It’s come full circle,’’ Bohm said Monday, before Game 3 against the Astros was postponed by rain. “You see this place now, it’s great. They’re tough and want to win. When you hear boos as a player, you don’t love it, but I’ve grown to understand it.”

And he believes part of getting past it was the apology immediately following the game.

“I knew this could wind up being a thing for a long time that I’d have to deal with or I could do it right away,’’ Bohm said. “It turns out, it’s still a thing [to deal with], but there’s a lighter side to it now. It’s more about the human element. The people out here [in the stands], we’re just like them. We react sometimes and blow up.”

Even with his experience, Bohm said he was surprised when Aaron Judge got a similar reaction from fans in The Bronx during the ALCS, when Judge and the Yankees struggled at the plate, falling in a four-game sweep to the Astros.

World Series
Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm.

“I saw that and my initial gut reaction is, ‘It’s a guy who hit 60-something home runs [in the regular season] and is a big part of the team,’ ’’ Bohm said of Judge’s MVP-type season in which he set an American League and franchise record with 62 homers.

“It’s tough,’’ Bohm said. “But you get both sides of it. Fans react how they react. They want to win today. When they don’t get that, they’re mad. It’s part of it. To me, I understand we all want the same thing. If we lose or strike out, we’re [ticked] off. We’re not happy about it. The people in the seats, they have the right to boo and to say those things.”

It’s a similar mindset to the one Judge expressed when he was treated harshly at Yankee Stadium in October.

“I understand why there [are] boos and why they’re yelling at times,’’ Judge said at the time.

Judge then changed the focus to the next game, saying, “We’ll take their support, that’s for sure.”

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