The top 10 best national football clubs in the world

Top 10 best national football clubs in the world

FIFA World Cup 2022 – Qatar Tournament

Here is the list of the top 10 best national football clubs in the world.

We’re about to witness the biggest soccer event and the strongest teams are already preparing their best weapons to meet the most competitive squads of the best national football clubs in the world that will be playing Qatar Tournament 2022 and competing with each other for the most prestigious trophy in the world of Football games.

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Number 10: Denmark

Denmark squad Top 10 best national football club in the world


There’s a before and after the accident, Denmark star player Christian Eriksen had in the middle of a match against Finland however his return Kasper Hulmand as its manager and its elite players meant the rebirth of the danish power and the danish dynamite is here to show some good soccer its strategy prioritizes ball possession as it combines cohesion and team spirit to such an extent that the coach has no problem alternating between a four and three-man defense to give the team more options in the future.

This tactic has allowed them to become superior in any tournament, all this thanks to their solid defense of Daniel Wass, Simon Kjaer, Andreas Christiansen, and Joakim Maele plus the reliable performance of Kasper Schmeichel in goal a wall under the goalposts after an unbeaten run in the European qualifiers the Denmark national team promises to be quite a surprise at Qatar 2022.

Number 9: The Netherlands

Netherlands squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

Its name may have changed from holland to the Netherlands but because of its rich soccer heritage, this team will never stop being the clockwork orange. Thanks to its world-class figures, it’s currently one of the best mainly because of its star” Virgil Van Dijk” who thanks to his strength speed and class is considered the world’s best defender to the point that he came very close to winning the balloon de or against Lionel Messi himself and the 2018-2019 season.

He’s never alone since he shares the pitch with Memphis Depay who has become a goal-scoring ace capable of causing problems to any opponent undoubtedly their coach Louise Van Gaai has achieved a good balance in his team which has allowed them to return to this major event after eight years this time in Qatar 2022. The Dutch will arrive with their star players but also with many undeniably talented newcomers will this giant manage its first Olympic games.

Number 8: Portugal

Portugal squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

Despite a difficult road to Qatar 2022, the Portuguese team made it to this elite tournament for the sixth time in a row thanks to its soccer strategies. This team is made up of world-class figures who can outplay and beat anyone. Cristiano Ronaldo, of course, is the star and leader of the team we’re talking about the all-time leading scorer in professional soccer who with over 800 goals can score in any way possible the top striker but the Portuguese also have other stars with whom they can dream of reaching the finals.

Some outright beasts are midfielder Joao Moutinho or defenders Ruben Dias along with Pepe who has great ball possession even the substitute’s bench is backed up by Joao Felix’s talent on the other hand their coach Fernando Santos knows very well what it means to play in a world cup and has the necessary experience so they can conquer the world cup alongside cr7 which could be the last one for Al Bisho let his desire for glory speak for itself.

Number 7: Spain

spain squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

With a world cup win and an unquestionable soccer level, the Red Fiori is among the best even after the generational change it faced after its victory in South Africa in 2010. After all, now the Spanish squad has young but winning-minded members who have proven they can put up a fight and become world-class stars. Such as the case of Pedry who at 19 years old has already become the driving force of the team with his deployment and technique when holding and passing the ball.

With Luis Enrique as manager and a good number of top-level players in all positions, the red one has managed to strengthen its attack but above all, it’s been able to reinforce its strong points in midfield and defense. Since lack of experience could work against them in soccer lineup figures such as Sergio Busquets, Sergio Ramos, and Jordi Alba continue to give weight and hierarchy to the Spanish team

Number 6: England

England squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

One of the squads that have shown the best level in recent times. Thanks to its experience youth and hierarchy perfect characteristics that could make the team of the rose finally win its second world cup. Managed for the past six years by Gareth Southgate, this has allowed the England coach to get to know all his players perfectly well and he’s now able to put together very competitive rosters for each match. But nothing would be possible without the quality of its squad led by captain and goalscorer

Harry Kane who thanks to his competence and attacking prowess has become the star of the team as well as figures such as Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, and Jack Grealish who are always in the starting lineup thanks to their skills the three lions want to roar in Qatar

Number 5: Germany

Germany squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

The first team to win a direct pass to Qatar 2022. This is undoubtedly a soccer giant even after the arrival of “Hans-Dieter Flick” the new german coach who gave the squad the generational change it needed. The numbers back him up because with a total of 31 players used they have yet to taste defeat clearly. He has plenty of options in all positions if we talk about big names, it’s difficult to choose just one.

Still, we could mention “Joshua Kimmich” who is the world’s best midfielder for many people, or “Thomas Muller” the reference and guide in the offensive zone as well as their captain “Manuel Neuer” who despite being an experienced goalkeeper has other elite members fighting for his position. No one is safe in this group of young and talented players who would be ready to win their fifth cup. Thanks to their historically team-oriented playing style. BEWARE OF THE MACHINE!

Number 4: Argentina

Argentina squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

If we want to talk about the power of the white and sky blue, we must first mention its most powerful weapon “Lionel Messi” who at 34 years old seems to feel much more comfortable with his national team than in previous tournaments. This time he’d go to the world cup Qatar 2022 very well accompanied by none other than “Demian Emiliano Martinez” with his amazing goalkeeping skills.

With the individual imbalance of “Angel Di Maria” and the scoring power of “Lautaro Martinez” in the midfield as well as with “Rodrigo De Paul” and “Leandro Paredes” who are line-up players since Salconi has been able to build a team around the star from Rosario that even keep up their good performances in the face of Leo’s withdrawals or inaccuracies.

The current champion of America has found a good team-oriented style as well as good defensive creative and offensive assets. The argentine squad has opted for a generational change and already has its base team and game formation, which would be a 4-3-3 always aiming to dominate ball possession the flea rules.

Number 3: France

France squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

Make way for the reigning world champion. This is enough of a title to elude to the hierarchy of the French team and with the great team spirit, they’ve developed. They’re even better than their squad from four years ago. They’ve surpassed themselves. After all, we’re talking about one of the greatest in Europe.

France has elite figures all over the pitch starting with the combination of quality and experience of “Kante” and “Paul Pogba” in midfield for the efficiency of “Benjamin Pavard”, “Lucas Hernandez”, and “Dayot Upamecano” in defense. But without a doubt, the most important thing is its offensive trident with “Antoine Griezmann”, “Benzema”, and “Kylian Mbappe” the latter is considered the best player today who would go to Qatar 2022 with the experience he gained in Russia. They have an advantage and can feel reassured by the incredible reflexes of “Hugo Lloris” under the goalposts. Managed by “Didier Deschamps” this team full of beasts is after the second time championship and has enough assets to become champions again.

Number 2: Belgium

Belgium squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

Since finishing third in Russia in 2018, the red devils have gotten to know each other perfectly. They have a good team dynamic. When they’re sharp and focused they’re one of the most dangerous teams in the world. How could they not be when they have a fearsome squad led by their top star “Kevin De Bruyne” a midfielder who has gained mastery over the Belgian strategy and is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world. But there are top figures all over the field, from the goal with “Thibaut Courtois” who is the world’s best goalkeeper for many to the defense where the experienced “Jan Vertonghe” is in command.

In addition, brothers “Eden Thorgan Hazard” are undisputed lineup players in the midfield and attack. With big names in all lines and a promising generational change, the time has come for Roberto Martinez’s team to reaffirm its power, and Qatar 2022 will be its best opportunity “absolute soccer power” and it’s from south America. Surely you were waiting for it.

Number 1: Brazil

Brazil squad Top 10 best national football club in the world

With five titles under their belt, it’s now the turn of the top world cup winner the powerful and unbeatable yellow-green team. Thanks to a good team-oriented performance great individual responses and good management by “Tite”, it seems that everything works perfectly in the Brazilian team. This is thanks to the squad full of beasts that back up the JOGO BONITO. It’s very difficult to find a group as evenly matched and with a high level as brazil.

The scratch star and soccer leader, of course, is still “Neymar” one of the most talented and unbalanced players in the world but alongside him, there are also top-level figures such as “Vinicius Jr.”, “Casimiro”, “Fabinho”, “Raphinha”, “Thiago Silva” and others that stand out. They went through the south American qualifiers with an overwhelming pace, no defeats, and wrapped up their qualification with a crashing 4-0 win against bolivia in the high-altitude city of La Paz. An outcome that gave them a goal tally of 40 goals and a record of 45 points in total. This combination of experienced figures and young talent stands as the best candidate to win the world cup.

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