Yale University Newspaper Article attacking ‘white boys’ — still a credible institution?

Incredible is an understatement for the things we wake up to in America. You see, countries in Europe aren’t struggling with race conflicts as such promoted by the deranged and historically misinformed liberal class.

Oh no, they have no problem with white people. Take a look at Poland. I have a friend there who tells me of all the wonderful things in comparison to the school shootings and the drive by shootings and all the kinds of shootings that happen in America because lack of background checks and lack of security.

More importantly, lack of security—the only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Simple as that.

But of course, we have bigger problems to worry about than guns. We have to worry about collegiate institutions, and even ivy-league institutions such as Yale University for allowing this anti-white article to be published. Of course, we can’t expect Harvard or Yale in all their ‘prestige’ to do something about this. Harvard is accepting people with below-average SAT scores just because they’re liberal activists. Yikes. Look up David Hogg to see what I mean.

Yes, things are THAT political. Try having a conversation with someone in your daily life without having to encounter the political part of it.

Here is a screenie of the article:


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