Warren Buffet’s son donates over $30 million to Secure the Border

Warren Buffett

From foxnews.com

Howard Buffett, Warren’s oldest son, has become a crusader at the border, using his organizations and wealth to boost security efforts of local authorities and volunteer groups, according to a recent report.

While his interest in border security may seem odd, a closer look at the 64-year-old billionaire and philanthropist reveals he’s no stranger to the issue. Buffett owns a ranch in Cochise County, Arizona, that sits just 300 yards from the U.S.-Mexico border.

In addition, a report by The Phoenix New Times indicated a close relationship between Buffett and law enforcement, with the former reportedly gifting $30 million to date to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and similar groups.

According to the report, much of that money has been used to jump-start an investigative unit into human and drug smuggling, renovate one jail, build law enforcement training facilities, including a shooting range, arm officers, purchase surveillance equipment and even provide the sheriff’s office with at least three helicopters.

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