UCLA Students Sign Petition to ‘Support Concentration Camps for Trump Supporters’

I don’t know what’s scarier about young California liberals — the fact that they support this or the fact that they got fooled by an undercover patriot who is easily recognizable as one of the biggest pro-Trump gun supporters in America? You decide.

Kaitlin Bennett went undercover as a feminist named Jenna Talia (I know, it’s hilarious and we’re still laughing about it) and went around UCLA’s campus to get students to sign a petition to throw Trump supporters in’ re-education courses with sensitivity training’. That doesn’t exactly sound like we Trump supporters are the nazis now doesn’t it?

Yet these are the people who run around screaming that ‘nazis aren’t welcome’ in reference to Trump supporters. This is hilarious. Thanks for proving the hypocrisy on the other side Kaitlin, no really. Good job. Watch the video below.

Watch the video:

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