Trump’s nominee for 33rd Federal Appeals court judge CONFIRMED by Senate

Well it’s good that they’re finally getting through this bureaucratic time-trap known as the U.S. Government. Because from what the outside sees, they do no real work. But some of them actually work harder than most, contrary to popular belief.

Those long hours into the night aren’t to be wasted on anything other than finding a loophole in the Constitution so small that a gnat gets its wings clipped trying to fit through. That could mean the difference between Presidential power and a do-nothing President. Think about that.

The Senate has confirmed President Trump’s nomination for the 33rd Federal appeals court judge, Chad A. Readler.

New York Times reported that “the Senate on Wednesday confirmed Chad A. Readler of Ohio as President Trump’s 33rd federal appeals court judge despite bipartisan criticism that as a Justice Department official in the Trump administration he had shirked his official responsibility to defend the Affordable Care Act when it was challenged in court.

Mr. Readler’s nomination is just the latest to divide the Senate as Republicans renew their drive to fill federal district and circuit court vacancies while gearing up to force through a Senate rules change to accelerate the confirmation process for the remainder of Mr. Trump’s tenure.

With the approval of Mr. Readler to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and two other appeals court nominees headed for a vote, Mr. Trump will have filled nearly 20 percent of the nation’s appellate court judgeships. That is a pace well ahead of his predecessors and one that puts his stamp firmly on the federal judiciary, with nearly two years remaining in his term. President Barack Obama did not see his 33rd circuit judge confirmed until early in his second term.

The fight over Mr. Readler was intensified by his role in the legal struggle over the Affordable Care Act, which Democrats said he was obligated to defend as a top lawyer in the Justice Department’s civil division because it was existing law. Instead, he filed a brief in support of a lawsuit by Republican attorneys general aimed at gutting the Affordable Care Act, and argued that it, and its protections against denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, was unconstitutional.

Meanwhile we have ISIS barging on the door trying to get back in telling our President to study the legal system. She was just denied entry again. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Linda whit says

    I don’t thing she should be let back in the USA because I thank that isis is trying to get her back in to get people to join isis and she left on her to join isis she know what she was doing so I thank by going that she gave up all right to be a citizens of the USA

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