Trump: ‘We will apprehend more than 1 million illegal immigrants this year’

This comes at a time when we must build the wall to finally secure our border and prevent undocumented invaders from entering our country bringing drugs, crime, terror, and chaos and destruction to our towns and cities.

“We are on track to APPREHEND more than one million people coming across the Southern Border this year. Great job by Border Patrol (and others) who are working in a Broken System. Can be fixed by Congress so easily and quickly if only the Democrats would get on board!” The President tweeted.

Meanwhile liberals with a penchant for trashing the President’s idea of a perfectly sane and moral barrier to ward off the undocumented invaders take to twitter to respond to the President’s preemptive on-track-type prediction.

“Exactly. Proof that you don’t need a stupid wall!”

“How is that proof? That’s like saying if you wipe your a** once and there’s a lot of sh*t. That’s proof you don’t need to wipe again.”

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