Trump Crowd DWARFS Beto Rally by over 35,000 in attendance, and MORE OUTSIDE!

Yikes. Former Secretary Rumsfeld said it too. Presidents don’t draw crowds like that. Did Obama? Maybe at the inauguration. But at the rallies? Sheesh, Trump has it down like a science and the media is still wondering why he won.

Meanwhile, Beto can hardly draw 1,000 people…IN HIS OWN CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT? Even with all the celebrity endorsements and such. So what does that tell us? It tells us that social media following is no direct indicator of success. Trump may have 50 million+ followers but he doesn’t get as many retweets as in the millions as some of these high-level Democrat contenders.

But that’s okay. Trump gets people to the actual stadium. If you can get them to the stadium, you’re going to get them to the polls. 2020 is looking hot.

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