Trump Administration takes Stepping Stone to BAR TAXPAYER FUNDED ABORTION

Don’t worry people. We’re “resisting the resistance” that is so desperately trying to transform America into a Godless and unaccountable nation. As more and more millennials flock to the grandeur of socialism and while many seasoned believers in the Democrat lies continue to walk away as they wake up to alternative facts that are really just facts by themselves, we see inklings of progress.

That is, inklings of progress not in the reversion of America, not in the regression of America, but improvement in the areas that are broken and not facets of our great western civilization that aren’t designed for improvement. (For example, in reference to Democrats wanting to rip the Constitution apart instead of interpreting as written.)

And now in response to the seriously extreme abortion law in New York, the Trump administration is fighting back against taxpayer funded abortions.

As reported by Fox News

The Trump administration announced Friday that it intends to bar taxpayer-funded family planning centers from promoting or perfoming abortions or referring women to other clinics for them — a move that is likely to yank money from groups like Planned Parenthood.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced that the Title X program, a family-planning grant that helps approximately four million women a year, would be subject to a revision of regulations — including one that “prohibits the use of Title X funds to perform, promote, refer for, or support abortion as a method of family planning.”

Title X costs approximately $260-million-a-year and is intended to pay for birth control, STD-testing, infertility testing and other screening services. The release by HHS notes that from the beginning of the fund in 1970, Congress “was clear that Title X funds cannot be used to support abortion.”

“Consistent with the statutory requirement that no funds may be expended where abortion is a method of family planning, this regulation no longer requires, and affirmatively prohibits, referral for abortion as a method of family planning,” it says.

The new regulation “permits, but no longer requires, nondirective pregnancy counseling, including nondirective counseling on abortion.”

The final regulation was published Friday on an HHS website. It’s not official until it appears in the Federal Register and the department said there could be “minor editorial changes.”

The move is likely to have support from President Trump’s conservative base, while enraging pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood. The Washington Examinerreports that Planned Parenthood covers roughly 40 percent of people who use Title X to get medical services and receives between $50-60 million from Title X.

Read more @ Fox News

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