Tom Steyer calls for Impeachment Hearings Against Trump

Oh great, billionaire Tom Steyer continues his impeachment charade against President Trump. This guy is clearly just appealing to the California democrats seeking to do just that.

I can’t take this guy seriously. I just can’t fathom how someone can have such a drastic philosophically and fundamentally different viewpoint politically than our side given the current circumstances we’re in. Because other than that, I can understand why someone would be stupid.

And while I’d go after the rich people who like to flaunt their expenses on Instagram and other related social media, this guy just proves what 25 year old millionaire football players exemplify when they reject a contract because of too much drug testing. And what we’ve learned is that money doesn’t make you any smarter than the average joe.

“I think it’s been a pattern of behavior before he’s been inaugurated and while he’s been president…we need public hearings to show how lawless this president is.” @TomSteyer on impeaching Trump. #Hardball


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