Tired of winning yet? Trump Approval Rating Hits 52%

And the best part is that this is all without finishing the wall. If he finishes the wall you could imagine another 20 points easy. And believe me, Trump is a negotiator. He’ll get the wall one way or another. Right now he’s exposing the problem of illegal immigration and exposing all the Democrats ignoring it.

This is a good thing. The must act on the border and top Democrats have already begun to tour the southern border for further awareness of the problem, with Steny Hoyer even admitting strategic investment is needed at the border.

As reported by The Washington Pundit:

President Trump’s approval rating has reached 52 percent, according to a new poll released Monday, his highest level since shortly after his inauguration in 2017.

The Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll shows 47 percent of likely US voters disapprove of his job performance.

Trump’s approval rating was at 55 percent just days after he was sworn in as president on Jan. 20, 2017.

The president touted the results in a tweet that included an image of the Drudge Report’s web page headline: “Trump 52% approval jolts Washington. Best in years.”

His marks have been on the rise since his State of the Union address last Tuesday and in the wake of the 35-day partial government shutdown over border security and his demand for $5.7 billion in funding for a border wall.

The Rasmussen poll shows Trump’s approval rating was at 46 percent the day the government shut down on Dec. 22 and fell to 43 percent on Jan. 14.

The daily tracking results come from surveys involving 500 likely voters each day and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. It has a plus/minus 2.5 percentage-point margin of error in the 1,500 sample.

From wnd.com

Democrats contend things are not going well for President Trump.

Now in control of the U.S. House, they plan to investigate everything about the president.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is expected to release soon his report on alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in 2016.

Then there’s Trump’s insistence on funding for border security and the Democrats’ refusal to consider it, triggering a government shutdown and possibly another this week.

Don’t forget the dozens of nightly attacks on the president by Hollywood, as documented recently by a study showing that in January alone there were 33 “separate entertainment programs that attack[ed] conservative values and/or President Donald Trump while promoting a hardcore progressive agenda.”

So how is it possible that Rasmussen reports in its daily Presidential Tracking Poll on Monday that 52 percent of likely U.S. voters approve of the president’s job performance?

A minority 47 percent disapprove.

It was the president’s highest level of approval since shortly after his inauguration.
Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2019/02/trump-approval-hits-52-critics-beside-themselves/#Jfi0hPSk3XXLemBv.99

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