The TOTAL COST of Illegal Immigration for THE FIRST MONTH of 2019 according to President Trump

Wow this is a shocker. Take a step back for a minute, because that’s just for THIS year alone. That’s right, 2019! We are literally going into February with these numbers. I guess that just proves the cost theory that illegal immigration costs taxpayers over $200 billion a year, which is just insane.

Imagine the bridges, roads and highways we can rebuild with that $200 billion if allocated towards an infrastructure plan that says “We actually care about America and it’s future in the world, instead of bankrolling the American ruling class, their friends and cronys.”

Normally I’d like to say “Sure, like that’ll ever happen.” But don’t worry. The old order will fall as the golden age begins. I can see a bright future where we
will continue to elect non-politicians to high office.

Here are the President’s tweets regarding the costs of illegal migration as the first month of the year concludes:

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