The Democrat Plan to Remove “So Help You God” from Oath has FAILED!

Just look at that bitter expression of snide and hate. How can one person be so evil to call protecting American citizens by building a wall on the southern border an “immorality” as drugs, crime, and terror spreads through our nation?

Despite all that, another Democrat plan has failed to pass and that was the imminent removal of “So help you God” from the witness swearing-in oath. And while this plot to remove God from America has been foiled, Democrats continue to look for new ways to screw over the American taxpayer.

via FoxNews,

The proposal also suggested removing the pronouns “his” and “her” and attempted to make the “chairman” title gender-neutral by changing it to “chair.”

It’s unclear what Grijalva meant when he called it a “mistake.”

The Democratic Party received pointed criticism in 2016 when, during its convention that year, some delegates pushed to remove references to God in the platform.

President Donald Trump has made a substantial push to include God in his rhetoric, saying things like Americans “don’t worship government, we worship God.” His administration also set up a religious liberty task force last year, reportedly proposed defining sex according to biological traits, and exempted religious organizations from the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate.

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