Steve Scalise SLAMS Pelosi over Taxpayer Funded Abortion Bill

Originally posted on @magavoter

On Friday, Rep. Steve Scalise fired back after learning that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who remains adamantly opposed to funding President Trump’s border wall and other increases to border security, plans to force taxpayers to fund abortions.

Pelosi, who appears increasingly to be the most powerful member of the Democrat Party, has vehemently denied Trump’s efforts to construct the border wall, instead rallying behind gun-control legislation and funding for abortions.

Speaking on the issue, a frustrated Scalise condemned Pelosi for her “refusal to negotiate” with Trump and Republicans, while at the same time appearing wiling to fund foreign entities that fund abortions using taxpayer money.

The issue of border security, as well as the Democrats’ universal refusal to provide funding, has left the government locked in a 2-weeks-long partial shutdown, as well as sparked outrage over the growing demand for illegal immigration to be addressed.

Now, as Democrats enter 2019 in control of the House, profanity-laden vows to impeach President Trump, along with gun control and taxpayer-funded abortion, appears to be Congressional Democrats’ focus.

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