Steve Scalise calls for Democrats to Take Action in Proving they Really Condemn Omar’s Statements

In light of the recent remarks made by Rep. Ilhan Omar that were considered antisemitic and caused Linda Sarsour to rush to her defense, many Muslims are actually as upset with Omar as much as Sarsour is in favor of supporting Omar’s claims.

President Trump and senior Republicans have even called for Omar to consider resigning from the Foreign Affairs Committee and have also suggested that she consider resigning from Congress entirely.

The Legend from Louisiana however, Republican Congressman Majority Whip Steve Scalise — who Democrats refuse to hear opinions from on matters related to Gun Control legislation debates and talks in light of the Congressional baseball game shooting committed by an avid Bernie supporter. (Which the media won’t report at all by the way, because they’re more concerned with entrapping Trump supporters in a double-standard bind to promote their narrative.)

Just as worse, they go after Roger Stone in a early morning Bin Laden raid with over 25 agents storming it like a compound in Mosul, Iraq. And they’re doing it all to promote a narrative that people are simply not following. As such, they’re struggling to keep it alive.

But before this conversation gets off track, let us get back on subject. Steve Scalise has every right to have his opinion heard despite the prejudices associated with experience of being shot. (Generally speaking in relation to how a Jury is selected, interviewed and determined fit to make decisions)

Here are what some people said in response to Omar’s remarks. Even Nikki Haley had something to say, and she brings the fire in 280 characters or less.

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