Senior Democrat Joe Manchin condemns Freshman congresswoman’s words

Joe Manchin has been pretty hard not to like over these last two years. It makes you wonder–is he a closet conservative? Heck, he’s the only Democrat who ever stands up and claps during the President’s State of the Union address(es).

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Democrat Senator Joe Manchin apologized to “all Americans” for the vulgar attack from a newly-elected Michigan congresswoman, who told a crowd of cheering supporters, “we’re going to impeach that motherf*cker” during a speech at a event in D.C. while discussing President Trump.

The Hill reported that on Friday, Manchin slammed Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for profanely saying President Trump should be impeached, calling it “so disgusting.”

“It was horrible, Neil,” Manchin told host Neil Cavuto on Fox News. “No one should approve of that, and I hope she doesn’t talk to her son that way either. You know, what can you say? I can’t in any way condone that. That’s not how we act in West Virginia. It’s not how we talk about public leaders.”

“We might disagree with each other, but we try to get through it, we try to find a pathway forward. To act like that is awful and to speak like that is even more deplorable. I am so sorry. I want to apologize to all Americans, any sitting Congress person — there’s 535 of us there, 100 senators and 435 Congress people. We should have better manners than that, I assure you.”

Watch the video:

Joe Manchin is the worst. Went on Fox to chastise fellow Dem Rashida Tlaib for cursing. Called it “horrible,” “disgusting” and “deplorable” then apologized to America. WTF? He’s never condemned Trump so forcefully. Manchin also said “shit” 3x in a paragraph to a reporter in 2017.

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) January 4, 2019

From Washington Examiner

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said he wants to apologize for a freshman Democrat’s profane comment on impeaching President Trump.

Appearing on Fox News on Friday, Manchin called Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s choice of words “deplorable.”

“I am so sorry. I want to apologize to all Americans, any sitting Congress person, there’s 535 of us there, 100 senators, and 435 Congress people. We should have better manners than that, I assure you,” Manchin said.

Hours after being sworn into office, Tlaib appeared at an event Thursday with left-wing activists. There a video captured of her saying to the crowd: “We’re gonna go in and impeach the motherf–ker.”

Some members of the new House Democratic majority have voiced support for impeachment proceedings against Trump.

However, Manchin said it was “too soon” to be talking about impeachment, noting that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has yet to be completed. He echoed the comments of new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., who said on Friday that it is “too early” to talk about impeaching Trump.

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