Sarah Sanders ‘76,000 illegal individual crossings LAST MONTH ALONE will fill MetLife stadium’

“And if that doesn’t define crisis then I don’t know what does, Congress should have fixed this problem” Yes, yes, and yes. On all accounts, I am putting the guilt on Congress. Court has ruled. They may not plead.

Anyway, it’s good to see Press Secretary Sarah Sanders defend the President without any fear of the media tearing her up, and it’s good to see the administration fighting for it’s agenda. But we really need to hurry up the wall.

Watch the video:

76,000 illegal crossings is a bit much. Multiply that by 12 and divide that from $210 billion a year and look at the costs we have to incur on the taxpayer. Yes, this is a problem and it’s not up for debate. It’s time to finish the wall.

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