Rush says Democrats are ‘Scared to Death’ as Barr Opens Investigation

Of course, if Rush says it — you know he’s coming from a place of reason. I have to say, post-Mueller, post-truth, and post-Venezuela, I have a HUGE boost in my optimism for 2020 and Donald Trump attaining a second term as President of the United States.

Excelsior, folks.

From Rush Limbaugh

“RUSH: The Democrat Party is now in full meltdown. They are in full meltdown. Do not make the mistake of thinking they are running things, that they are in control of things. In fact, it’s so bad that the Drive-By Media is getting all over Nadler and some of the other Democrats for being ineffective and not being able to pull off what the media wants them to pull off in terms of going out there and getting Trump. It is breathtaking to behold this.

Folks, we had this fiasco in the Senate yesterday, and after Mazie Hirono, I shared with you an observation that I think one of the things that was behind her diatribe, I think they are scared to death of the investigation of the investigation. I think when Barr said he thought they were spying on Trump, that they heard a death knell. They heard the funeral bells beginning to ring.

And I think that what is underway here is an ongoing effort to try to discredit William Barr from this day forward on anything he might find, anything he might say, anything that he might report. Pelosi confirmed it for me today when we heard that she had a private meeting with the Democrat caucus and she openly accused Barr of having lied to Congress and that that is a crime.

And then it was further confirmed in my mind with a story at the at “Democrats Hope Attacks Will Sideline William Barr.” Here we have a random act of journalism. I bet if these people could have this back, they would take it back. has admitted that the Democrats are stepping up their attacks on Barr in order to try to sideline him from making future decisions about investigating the investigation.”

“Democrats Hope Attacks Will Sideline William Barr — Democrats are stepping up their criticisms of Attorney General William Barr, seeking to sideline him from future decisions about investigating President Trump.” Actually about investigating the investigation.

“Several Democratic presidential candidates and senior lawmakers are calling on Barr to resign or recuse himself from future Department of Justice decisions related to further investigations and prosecutions based on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.”

In fact, I think, folks, I think every Democrat presidential candidate has now called on Barr to resign. But what they’re really concerned about is Barr’s integrity. Barr is Mr. Integrity, by the way, Barr is Mr. Honorable, and they are scared to death of it. They are scared to death about his investigations of the Obama administration meddling in the 2016 election.

And so they’re doing everything they can to discredit Barr. And it all started yesterday with Mazie Hirono, continues this morning with Pelosi, confirmed with all the Democrat candidates demanding that Barr should resign because he sacrificed any credibility. And now with an act of journalism actually making the point.

But after that fiasco in the Senate yesterday, you would think, if you watch some of them yesterday, oh, they are so happy after Mazie Hirono. They were so happy after their hare-brained performances yesterday in the Senate. You might be excused for thinking that they had actually gotten their wish and removed Trump from office, they were so happy. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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