Rush says ‘Democrats are in a ‘pyschological mess”

And not only that, they’re in it because they’re not trying to win the 2020 election. They’re still trying to win the 2016 election. It’s been three years folks, enough is enough. It’s time to move on and celebrate American life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness under Trump’s booming economy.

But no, they’d rather stick to the past. And what do learn about people who stay stuck in the past? They never grow, they never develop, and they never blossom. You can write that down if you prefer, because when you take it to the bank it’s as good as gold. Democrats are in this position now — stuck on identity and revenge politics over financial and economics.

From Rush Limbaugh

CALLER: That’s good. My point is it’s actually pretty fascinating. I’m an independent watching from the outside, to see the political suicide of the Democrats. I mean, you know, let’s just say the country’s 40/40, 20 in the middle of independents and for them to continuously — I mean, we’re all burned out of the whole Russia thing, and for them to continuously go after Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, it’s like, okay, go, you’re handing Trump a 2020 win right now.

It’s unbelievable and it begs the question, is there an adult in the room in the Democratic Party that’s gonna say, “Whatever happened to the bread-and-butter issues, the issues that matter to us, to the people actually, you know, to the 20% in the middle?” I don’t even believe, Rush, their base is 40%. The moderates — my grandma has been voting Democrat for 70 years, Rush. She told me last week this is not her party. There’s no way she would vote Democrat anymore.

It just… It begs the question. Who is running…? You know, I used to think, Rush — one more point, please. I used to think that Democrats don’t know who Donald Trump is. I think they do know who Donald Trump is, and that’s exactly what’s driving them crazy, that a man like that could be playing with them and be so successful, and there’s nothing for them to do.

So instead of them putting, you know, the big pants on and saying, “Okay, let’s focus on things that matter to the country,” they’re just stubbing their toes (chuckles) more and more and more. Actually, it’s humorous to see. As an independent, it’s actually humorous (chuckles) and it’s sad at the same time, believe it or not, to watch this all going on.

RUSH: So your basic point is that the 40% that support Democrats, you don’t really think it’s 40% and you think that the independents are getting tired of the Democrats and Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia —

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: — and they’re driving more people away is what you think?

CALLER: My mother is not even political. She tells me, she says, “Ben, I can’t even turn on the radio anymore. What is the whole Russia thing?” She doesn’t follow politics. She says, “What’s the weather? I can’t even get the weather, so you tell me, ’cause it’s all, ‘Russia, Russia, Russia! Breaking news: Russia!’ It’s not breaking news! It’s over. It’s finished,” and —

RUSH: That is the key. Try as they might, the Mueller report is in, and there’s no collusion, and yet the Democrats are still trying to win the 2016 election. It’s a psychological mess that they are in. Now, your point about bread-and-butter issues? Interestingly enough, the portion of the Democrat Party actually focused on that would be the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes. They are the ones proposing Medicare for all. Free this for all; free that for all. No student loan debt. No student loans.

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