Roger Stone takes on Robert Mueller in New Filing

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Man, Trump is right: Roger Stone is one tough cookie. He certainly must have balls made of neutronium to take on Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a new motion he filed, accusing Mueller’s office of providing CNN with ‘an indictment that was supposed to be sealed.’

Stone believes CNN was provided the indictment allowing them to stake out his house following their zero dark thirty style raid.

As reported by
CNN obtained Roger Stone’s indictment from someone in the Special Counsel’s office hours before it had been unsealed by the court, allegedly allowing the news outlet to stage a camera crew outside his home and lie in wait until armed FBI agents arrested him, according to a motion filed by Stone’s lawyers Wednesday morning.

The evidence appears to rest on when the indictment was unsealed by the court.

According to the motion, the clerk’s office “informed counsel for Mr. Stone that the Indictment’s entry into the docket was made on January 25 at 8:55 a.m., more than two- and-a-half-hours after the news reporter sent the “draft” Indictment to counsel, and four hours after the news organization’s camera crew arrived at Mr. Stone’s house to film his arrest on the sealed Indictment.”

On Jan. 25, armed FBI agents arrested Stone at 6:06 a.m.

CNN was staking out the home hours earlier.
Stone’s lawyers stated in their motion that at that time “the indictment remained subject to the Court’s Order sealing it from public disclosure.”
However, by 4:58 a.m. the CNN news crew and truck arrived at “Mr. Stone’s residence and set up a camera on the street in front of Mr. Stone’s house, obviously awaiting his arrest. The FBI arrived while the camera crew was on the street.”

By 6:11 a.m., “prior to Mr. or Mrs. Stone calling counsel, a reporter for the same news outlet as the camera crew called counsel and informed him that Mr. Stone had been arrested.”

At 6:22 a.m., the same reporter sent counsel a text message attaching a draft copy of the still sealed indictment.” Stone’s lawyers referred the courts to Exhibit 1, showing the text messages from the reporter to the lawyers.
Exhibit One

“The copy of the unsigned indictment provided by the reporter appears to have come from the Special Counsel’s Office,” according to the motion. In the Exhibit 2 document the metadata shows the signatures of AAW.

According to the metadata on the “draft” indictment provided by a reporter while Stone was being arrested, established that it came from an “AAW” author or computer. That a member of theSpecial Counsel’s office has the initials “AAW,” supports a reasonable inference that that office is responsible for the unlawful public disclosure of a grand jury document sealed by order of the Court.”

AAW, is believed to be Special Counsel Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, whose been accused in the past of conflicts of interest regarding the alleged Russia investigation.

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