Rashida Tlaib says She WILL Introduce Impeachment Resolution This Month

Yep. Our tax dollars at work folks. This is the equivalent of seeing someone with food stamps cut in line right in front of you while winking at the same time. Completely disrespectful, uncalled for, and they know they’re getting away with it. Unless you do something about it.

Unfortunately it looks like the 116th congress will be short of many accomplishments if they continue their petty revenge politics against the President, who is actually working, actually doing his job, and actually delivering for the American people and not the other way around.

NBC reported Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who in January came under fire for saying Democrats are “gonna impeach the motherf—er,” met with activists Wednesday on Capitol Hill who are calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

In brief remarks in her office, the Michigan Democrat called for impeachment proceedings to begin in the House.

“Remember, this is setting a precedent. If we don’t hold impeachment proceedings today, start them today and hold him accountable to following the United States Constitution, think about that, this is not going to be the last CEO that runs for president of the United States,” Tlaib said.

“This is not going to be the last person that tries to get away with this,” she added. “And what does that say about the most powerful, most important body, most important position in the world?”

Tlaib plans to introduce a resolution in the House that calls for Trump’s impeachment and to participate in a call with protest groups Thursday to encourage them to hold impeachment rallies in their districts across the country.

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  1. Gerald G Fielding says

    Not on your best day will you ever have anything to impeach Trump for .

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