Rashida Tlaib says she ‘imagines her enemies dead, and it inspires her’

Okay after seeing this, we can’t be politically incorrect anymore. She hates America. How the hell did she get elected? Democrats don’t care who they vote for as long as they’re designated as Democrats on the ballot, ‘because whoever the hell it is must be so much better than the dirty rotten bastard republican running’

Please pray for this woman.

Our country is going to hell. We need a wall, we need accountability of the press, and we need some serious resolutions to punish insubordinate behavior in Congress that leaves other members on the guillotine while others walk free. We’re fed-up.

Watch the video:

And now she wants to impeach our President who has literally did nothing wrong, so please tell me how in the literal hell do you impeach someone who has done nothing wrong? I literally don’t understand this. What parallel universe do these idiots live in?

Honestly, the bar has been set so low for politics that any respect for our representatives has pretty much gone out the window, especially on the Democrat side. And especially how simple we see it can be to win these elections. Yikes. God save America.

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