Oprah’s ‘Spiritual Guru’ Running for President for $100 Billion in Slavery Reparations

Okay, I get it. There’s no prerequisite requirements other than you have to be 14 years a citizen and 35 years minimum of age to even be considered on the ticket. But now we’re just letting any Tom, Dick, and Harry run for President because ‘if Donald Trump can, why can’t I?’

This undermines the true intelligence, abilities, and financial acumen that Donald Trump actually brings to the office, and America has seen firsthand the benefit of his economic agenda even at the very bottom of the finanical totem pole, where low-income Americans are seeing the largest growth in their wages.

But need not you worry, we have a Spiritual Guru ready to destroy all that and throw it all away so she can give away $100 billion for reparations for slavery.

From American Voices

“Marianne Williamson has announced her interest in running for president, which is going to be an ‘effort of love’. And she has made one surprising announcement, she intends to have $100 billions in reparations for slavery. “

Watch the video


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