North Carolina DISCOVERS VOTER FRAUD, Expected to Hold New Election

Wow, and not only is this just breaking out — the shocking part is the unexpected: A Republican is at the center of it, and not a Democrat. But of course, when it comes to the law it doesn’t matter if the foot is on the other shoe — voter fraud is voter fraud.

Of course, all politicians are full of it no matter what party they represent. None of them ever serve their constituents when they get elected and they’re always lying when they’re moving their lips.

As reported by ABC News

“The North Carolina state board of elections voted unanimously on Thursday to hold a new election in the 9th Congressional District – a move that came hours after Mark Harris, the man at the center of the case, testified.

“I believe a new election should be called,” Harris said during the hearing on Thursday adding that his conclusion is based on the testimony he has heard over the last four days.

The timing and process of the new election are still unclear as are details about candidates who might run. Those details will be determined by the board of elections at a later meeting.

“Over an extraordinary four-day hearing, investigators laid out point-by-point how Republican Mark Harris’ campaign funded and directed an elaborate, illegal scheme to steal an election,” North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin wrote in a statement released after the board’s ruling, “This saga could only have ended in a new election, and we look forward to repairing the harm dealt by Republicans and giving the people of the Ninth district the representative they deserve.”

Republicans thanked the state board of elections and said they will do what they can to ensure that “these kinds of situations can be avoided in the future.”

Wow, a real shocker. Share your thoughts and comments below.

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