Nancy Pelosi Won’t Release Her Tax Returns unless ‘She Runs for President

I spit out my coffee when I first read these reports. This is hilarious. It’s one thing that they think Speaker Pelosi would actually run for President, and it’s another that she won’t release her tax returns as speaker of the house.

Except on the matter of running for President, you sort of have to accomplish something worthwhile for the American people if you’ve been in politics for more than a century. Otherwise, it’s just padding your resume. God forbid this woman would ever run for President.

Also, we’re not sure if all the bolts are in the right place when it comes to Speaker Pelosi. James Woods has gone on to say that it isn’t a laughing matter that she might actually be mentally ill.

CNS News reported House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) “will gladly release her tax returns if and when she runs for president,” said her Chief of Staff Drew Hammill, apparently indicating that, in Pelosi’s current position as speaker, she will not release her tax returns.

When repeatedly followed-up and asked Hammill to directly confirm that Pelosi, as speaker, would not release her tax returns, Hammill did not respond.

Pelosi, who was born on March 26, 1940, will turn 79 next month–and has not announced that she is running for president in 2020.

Read the rest of the questions at CNS

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