Nancy Pelosi tells Trump to ‘Not Run for President’ again

So the “queen” as many conservative republicans have commented about the House Speaker, speaks once again.

But this time, with such audacity as to denounce the President in a brand new Rolling Stone interview along side her the notorious A.O.C (which she might actually take as a compliment for a nickname other than an designation) for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to ‘advise’ President Trump not to run for re-election.

As reported by The American Mirror:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed Rolling Stone to use the U.S. Capitol for a photo shoot recently, and during video interviews with the magazine, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Jahana Hayes used the moment to denounce President Trump.

Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez dismissed Trump, with the former demanding he not run for re-election, and the latter claiming she doesn’t want to give him more attention.

“If I had to say something to Trump, I probably wouldn’t say anything, because I don’t think that it’s worth the extra attention,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Pelosi was more pointed in her response.

“Mr. President, do the country a favor, don’t run,” the House Speaker said.

Hayes struck a more conciliatory tone.

“If I were talking to President Trump, I would remind him that you are my President, as well, and I recognize the weight of the office, so it’s not about a person, it’s not about a position, it’s about the office of the President, and the responsibility that goes along with that office,” she said.

Should the President listen to Speaker Pelosi or continue making America great again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. Linda McCall says

    You are worst of the worst. How dare you slander our President. YOU all should not run again and a bill to limit your terms should be implemented. You are not talking for my government. You are all crazy, attention seeking idiots.

  2. George Chaney says

    She is definitely a member of the FDA Club! If she is trying to discourage us, she has about as much chance as a snowball in hell! What she also should remember is that in 2 more years, we have more people running for congress, and she may be a minority again! I know that I will never vote for Democrack again!

  3. Bill says

    All of these people should pack their crap and go back where they came from

    1. Linda says

      Trump 2020

    2. Phyllis says

      Yes they should and Pelosi Needs To Keep Her Mouth Shut , He’s Doing a Great Job And She Can’t Stand It She’s Delusion, She Needs To Be Impeached, Along With Those Other Morons That Were Just Voted into Office!!!!

  4. colleen bennett says

    How disgusting are the Democrats and their harassment of the best President to have ever Graced the steps of the White House? I am an Australian and I know half + of ous Australians would be more than happy to have President Trump as our leader here. He has been defamed from the day he won the election and has had to work with the very people who didn’t want him to win. They have put every obstacle in front of everything he wanted or wants to do for America. it is pretty obvious that the Dems. are working with Soros, Clinton and Obama to bring the President down, They want the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT to take over every western country in the world, just as they are doing to us Australians in our country. They are all a bunch of evil traitors to their country and their President…

    1. J Ball says

      I agree with you!

  5. Kathy says


    1. Linda says

      Trump 2020

  6. Freedomsbell says

    Conservatives don’t need comedians. We have Liberals to laugh at.

  7. Shirley casale says

    You all make me want to vomit with your remarks . You are the biggest con artist I have ever seen in my life time . It discuss me to see how phoney you all are and how much you love yourselves . Well theres many who totally respect our President Trump and we want him as our President in 20 20 not you sick heads thats for sure !

  8. John Anger says

    If anyone should never run again it is Pelosi, as for the other dumb Bitch AOC she is a one and done .

  9. Elizabeth says

    Pelosi you are a disgrace to our country, you and your commie buddies need to get the he’ll out of Washington, in fact get the he’ll out of our country!

  10. Starr says

    He should not not only listen to her he isn’t obligated and who the hell does she think is to tell him not to run. She’s afraid he’s going to win again which he is and will and she’s running out things to investigate and coming up empty handed. Fool.

  11. Kevin says

    Sounds like some poor psycho twins are afraid the fact of him winning again Trump 2020 we as a nation need you Mr President run again

  12. Josh says

    Nancy, Nancy, you may have the freedom of speech to say things, but we have the freedom of speech to call you out for your BS. As for whether he runs or not, you do not get to decide that, and all you’re telling us by saying those words is that you’re afraid.

  13. Michael Newberry says

    Peolosi would be well advised to listen to the will of the people. She is pushing her communist party to the verge of kicking off a second civil war.

  14. Bob says

    Too bad they don’t work as hard trying to help our country as they do to take him down. Too bad more people don’t see how all they get done is investigating him. Do your job and get something done on the budget, immigration, health care, just to name a few.

  15. MaryAnn says

    I think it’s Pelosi who needs to step down and resign. She is the new Commander of the Radical Left KKK Democratic Party, and is mentoring another animal, Ocasio Cortez.
    They both need to be in prison for conspiracy to overthrow our government, and constantly trying to push through unconstitutional issues.
    Thank God for President Trump having the intestinal fortitude to daily deal with these two extremely dangerous women.

  16. ICE says


  17. Beauetta Parks says

    Maybe mrs. poopselosi , perhaps the tables will turn on you. I ask you, please, if you ever loved this USA, like our president does, please resign, effective immediately. Take all you communist muslim loving wannabes with you. We are working to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. And there are millions more than you know. You and those wannabes need to exit, quietly, please.

  18. Roger says

    No offense to the few good Californians, but how the hell does she keep getting elected? Toxic venom and idiosity flows from her mind, but worse yet…she opened her mouth. She’s jealous that in 2plus years Trump has done more for the US than she has in 30 years. Go away!!!!

  19. josh says

    i think Trump should put them on the other side of his wall, those idiots don’t realize we have the power to overthrow them

  20. josh says

    they need to be stripped of all their US rights and told to leave

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