Nancy Pelosi says Ilhan Omar didn’t really mean Anti-Semitic remarks, it was ‘unintentional’

Isn’t interesting how Democrats always want to change the realities of the story after the fault has already been associated with the character who performed the words written on the page? As in, played their part.

Of course, there’s many ways to interpret this. What we can all agree on is that she intentionally meant what she said. There’s no debating that. Did she know it was antisemitic at the time? Perhaps she did, perhaps she didn’t. Who knows? She gave an insincere apology on twitter. These are questions that are unanswered.

But now Nancy has her writing new legislation on antisemitism. Isn’t that something? Imagine if a republican did this.

@susanferrechioNew: @SpeakerPelosi said the resolution condemning anti-Semitism to be broadened to include more groups and will be drafted by the @HouseForeign. @Ilhan, who is accused of tweeting anti-Semitic comments and was veiled subject of resolution, is a member of the panel.

Really though—really imagine if a Republican did this. They wouldn’t see another day in congress. They would be calling for impeachment up to the rafters above the floor.

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