Mike Pence: ‘It’s a choice between Freedom and Socialism’

He’s right. The left has gone to extremes. They are no longer the party of the ruling class politician either. Beyond their radical leftist views of the young new politicians inspired by the social populist Bernie Sanders, seasoned from anarchist protest, they come out of the woodwork to demand government services be the norm for all.

But no, the government is not your baby daddy. Abandoning your sense of responsibility does not advance the human condition. It destroys it. The individual is destroyed and becomes a number in a system. That’s how crappy this idea really is.

Mike Pence says it like it is, that we only have two choices at this point. Freedom or socialism. And socialism can no better be summed up by the citizens starving in the roads as they scour the backs of garbage trucks for something edible to fill their hunger. You decide which one you prefer.

Vice President Mike Pence: “It’s increasingly obvious in the public debate it’s a choice between freedom and socialism.”

“Each day the border remains unsecured, we allow the crisis to worsen and lives to be endangered. Drug cartels are the main drug source for street gangs and deals across the US. Overdose is the main cause of death for young adults.”

The State Dept. will announce that the U.S. “will revoke 77 visas, including many officials of the Maduro regime and their families.”

“We will continue to hold the Maduro regime accountable until libertad is restored in Venezuela” https://

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