Wow, he really is a sniveling rat. If there’s anything that you can take away from today’s hearing, you can be sure that Donald Trump is not guilty of any of the crimes Michael Cohen is going to prison for. And that’s SAYING Something.

And not only that, we found out today that he spoke with Democrats in the Oversight Committee AND the Democratic National Committee! And wow, I thought all the swamp rats were in Washington, but now it’s clear that we have more in the running around the moldy water towers in New York.


From Daily Caller

President Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen admitted Wednesday he is unable to corroborate allegations that the president discussed elements of WikiLeaks’ email hacks with Roger Stone.

“How can we corroborate what you’re saying?” Democratic Rep. Deborah Wasserman Schultz of Florida asked Cohen, referring to the former Trump confidant’s allegations that the president was aware of Stone’s contact with WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange.

She is among a slew of Democrats and Republicans grilling Cohen during a congressional hearing.

“I don’t know, but I suspect the special counsel’s office and other government agencies have the information that you’re seeking,” Cohen said in reply.

He claims to have overheard Stone tell Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign that he had spoken to Assange about the release of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee.

Watch the video:

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