Maxine Waters Turns Crowd on MAGA-Hat Wearing Trump Supporter, ‘NAZIS NOT WELCOME HERE’

This woman is sick and demented for this, and if there’s any sign of intelligence that she carries it’s in the careful words she chooses not to say in this footage as to not appear to be inciting any form of violence for a change.

But you can just feel the negative energy in the air as Waters’ supporters sing off-beat and out-of-tune ‘Na, na, na, hey, ey, goodbye’ and “Nazis not welcome here!” Oh? You mean we can’t ‘call it’ like we see it? The guy gets dragged away by police because they just know these crazy liberals will get violent if they see the opportunity.

That’s also kind of a double-negative to say ‘nazis are not welcome here’ but we’ll let you form your own catharsis on that.

In the video, Maxine tells her supporters to “Stop this fake President!” What’s so fake about him? The fact that he won fair and square, constitutionally, and by any means necessary? Your futile resistance does not delegitimize his rule, contrary to what you may believe in the Great State of California.

As reported by The American Mirror:

“Maxine Waters appeared at an anti-wall protest in Los Angeles on Monday, and was triggered by a lone pro-Trump protester.

James Rojas captured the moment Waters was addressing the crowd and a man wearing a MAGA hat and waving an American flag.

“This president is trying to keep a campaign promise to all of those people that he swore he would build a wall,” Waters shouted.

“And those people who want the wall are not not patriots, they’re not people who love this country, they’re not people who stand up for what’s right, and so we’ve got to resist this president and this so-called fake emergency,” she said.”

Of course, people called him a racistxenasexaphobicfasciexpialadocious.

This is never a better time for the news media. But while they chant nonsense, we’re building a wall, denuclearizing foreign powers who threaten us, and restoring the American economy to new heights like no one has ever seen before.

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  1. John Dove says

    That’s seriously one registered CERTIFIABLE BITCH.

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