Kirsten Gillibrand: eliminating all private health insurance plans is an ‘urgent goal’

Yikes. I think it’s time we had more politicians well-read on the important subjects that affect our people and our economy, especially when it comes to healthcare. And look, I know what you’re going to say: But they don’t have time to read every little thing!

Well hey, that’s an opportunity to create a job that the taxpayer can be proud of paying for even if it’s more bureaucratic, it’ll help politicians make more informed decisions for their constituents. Beyond that is limited.

Because, she can’t just do this. What if the universal healthcare plans suck and we would rather have access to a private doctor? If I have private health insurance, I’d like to keep it. I think that’s something I’d be comfortable paying for if it gives me VIP treatment compared to this universal nonsense.

But nah, Democrats continue to press on pushing socialism and their first way of getting it is through socialized medicine.

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