Kamala Harris wants to change to PAPER BALLOTS saying ‘Russia can’t hack a piece of paper’

Yikes Kamala, you still actually believe Russia interfered to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump after the Senate Intelligence Committee has pretty much already concluded that it was basically a waste of taxpayer money after 200 interviews and millions of dollars spent to find no direct evidence?

Oh yeah, and not only that Adam Schiff is actually concerned that Robert Mueller’s findings won’t be enough and is looking to conduct his own investigation through the House Intelligence Committee. Even more taxpayer money to waste.

Anyway, while this isn’t entirely crazy of an idea despite the reasoning for it being the precedent it sets given the proof and lack of evidence that Russia had nothing to do with aiding Trump win the election — what do you think of it? Share your thoughts below.

As reported by thehill.com

“Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Tuesday issued a call for states to focus on election security and possibly adopt paper ballot measures, telling a crowd of New Hampshire voters that paper ballots remain the securest way to cast votes.

Speaking at the “Politics & Eggs” breakfast in New Hampshire, the 2020 Democratic contender told attendees that her infrastructure plan as president would include investments in election security at the state level.

“We have proposed that part of the investment in infrastructure has to be upgrading the infrastructure of states around elections,” Harris said Tuesday. “Because guess what? As it turns out, for all that technology has brought us, good and bad, the best way to conduct secure elections? Paper ballots.”

“‘Cause, the way I kind of say it, half joking, is ‘Russia can’t hack a piece of paper,’ ” Harris added.

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