Kamala Harris Dodges Yet Another Question about Jussie Smollett but prepared to run for President?

Look, I am a big believer that anyone who considers themselves qualified to be President (which is literally just anyone over 35 years old and has been 14 years a citizen or more, and yet to voters preferably born ON the land but not required) should be able to answer any question thrown at them.

Even when they’re in the wrong, you cannot appear to be perfect all the time, otherwise you become a robot. Kamala’s unwillingness to answer the question does not exactly give us much confidence in her ability as a public servant, as if we didn’t have any confidence in her to begin with.

As reported by magavoter.com

“On Thursday, as disgraced “Empire” actor left a Chicago courtroom after posting a $100K bond in his felony arrest for filing a false police report, dozens of liberal pundits, celebrities, and politicians were left eating crow, including 2020 candidate Kamala Harris.

While Harris quickly jumped on Smollett’s claims of having been assaulted by white Trump supporters, as the actor’s story began to crumble under police scrutiny, the White House hopeful seemed unwilling to discuss the recent developments when pressed by reporters.

Despite having initially called the “Empire” star’s outlandish assault allegations an “attempted modern day lynching,” Harris dodged reporters on Thursday following Smollett’s release from jail.

As the Smollett case as developed, conservative pundits have increasingly called out Harris and other Democrats who immediately worked to propel the story to the national spotlight.

With Harris attempting to dodge reporters’ questions on Smollett following his arrest, criticism for the 2020 Democrat candidate continued to grow on social media.


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