JUST IN: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Misses Even MORE Facts of History; FIT TO SERVE?

The left’s new Eva Peron.

When are the Democrats going to understand, that Baby Jesus was not a refugee? Jesus’ family was instructed to go to Egypt in order to flee from danger. The Roman Empire at that said time was in control of Egypt like they were in control of Israel, so therefore this family would not have been refugees. Also, Jesus’ family were in the position to support themselves while in Egypt, and they did not stay permanently in Egypt.

Here is a comprehensive map of the region

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Her latest claims on Twitter

She goes on to defend her opinions(which are historically inaccurate)

Here is how rational thinking people responded:

I wish Ocasio the best on her upcoming term—no really I do! Hopefully she fills her office with packed book cases of American history instead of communist and socialist revolution posters.

What do you think folks?

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