Hey Democrats, since you like to COMPARE crowd sizes—here you go!

Of course, no one is talking about the inauguration crowd sizes anymore because crowd size is irrelevant at this point. But I will say, if Donald Trump gets re-elected in 2020 I can imagine that the Inauguration crowd size will DWARF the first one.

I mean really though, imagine the history that it would make! If 43,000 people (35,000 in attendance, 8,000 outside) are willing to drive to a rally on a Monday evening of all times (After work), do you think they’d actually buy a plane ticket and a hotel room for the 2021 second inauguration?

Of course, there’s not much hope for Beto at this point. I imagine he’d do a lot better with the crowds if he actually won the Senate race to Ted Cruz, but sorry man — I just can’t see it. It looks like a Trump 2020 victory to me.

Meanwhile Tens of People showed up for Beto’s rally. Yikes.

Some people are even saying at Beto’s rally that they could hear Trump’s music! Talk about LOUD!

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