GoFundMe for Covington Boys raises nearly $19,000 in 4 hours

Hey, they deserve it. The media should have never provoked any of the verbal attacks and threats that they have received.

You can donate here.

Here is what happened as they see it according to their GoFundMe

“Over the course of the past 72 hours, students at Covington Catholic High School have been met with death threats, doxxing, and defamation. One video – taken completely out of context – has completely changed the lives of the boys of Covington Catholic. 

They’ve been labeled racists and white supremacists – even baby bigots

However, as this episode has played out, new videos have emerged, directly in conflict with the narrative of the mainstream media. It was not the students from Covington who approached the Native American. It was the Native American who approached the students from Covington. It was not the students from Covington who chanted “Build The Wall”.  It was, however, one of the Native Americans who told the students from Covington to “go back to Europe”. It was not the students from Covington who instigated this fiasco. It was Native American activist, Nathan Phillips.

In their honor, and with the blessing of many parents and students at Covington Catholic, I have created this GoFundMe campaign – in honor of my newfound friends at Covington Catholic. This fund will be used to offset costs associated with the legal, public relations, and on the ground efforts of the #StandWithCovington campaign. 

The Covington Boys didn’t go to D.C. to become famous. They went to D.C. to March For Life – in support of the unborn.

So, with that being said, 50% of all money raised will be donated to Students For Life – the nation’s largest youth pro-life organization. “

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