FORMER OBAMA ADVISER to House Dems ‘Sending out Demand Letters are why Republicans laugh at you’

Well isn’t that something. David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama went after the belligerent Democrats sending out demand letters in a tweet this week criticizing their behavior.

And yes, I agree with him 100%. But there are other reasons why we laugh at Democrats, and it’s mostly because of reasons having to do with AOC.

“Maybe I’m missing something, but the hazard of an omnibus document demand by House judiciary versus discreet, serial ones is that, however legitimate the areas of inquiry, the wide-ranging nature of it is too easily plays into the ‘witch-hunt’ meme,” David tweets.

Trump tweeted:“Now that the Dems are going to try & switch from Collusion to some other reason, it makes them continue to look like sore losers who didn’t accept the WILL OF THE PEOPLE in the last election – they will do anything to get rid of the President.” @AriFleischer It will never work!

“There is no Collusion. All of these investigations are in search of a crime. Democrats have no evidence to impeach President Trump. Ridiculous!” @DevinNunes@FoxNews

Here are the 81 individuals, entities, or whatever you prefer to categorize them as the Democrats are demanding documentation from:

Interesting stuff. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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