Former ICE Director to Rand Paul ‘PLAYING MICE IS OVER’

Tell him! If we don’t have a national crisis on the border then how the hell do 76,000 illegal immigrants cross over the border, enough illegal immigrants to fill MetLife stadium, just last month alone? That’s certainly the case Sarah Sanders has explained to us.

Rand Paul, it’s time for you to support our President, no buts, no ifs, no whiny reasons why we couldn’t declare this national emergency, and get behind the agenda of securing our border and PUTTING OUR COUNTRY FIRST.

From Daily Caller:

“Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan chastised Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday for opposing President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the southern U.S. border.

Paul announced Sunday that he would oppose the order, joining a handful of other Republican senators in ultimately voting for a resolution that terminates the president’s declaration. Trump has already promised to veto any such resolution sent to his desk. (RELATED: Rand Paul Will Vote Against Trump’s National Emergency)

Homan said during a Fox News interview that Congress is to blame for not acting on the border issue and addressed the argument that declaring a national emergency sets a bad precedent.”

Comments welcome below on the border crisis.

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