Ugh. What pains me is the anger that comes when the Mainstream Media doesn’t even report this. The Mainstream Media is the true enemy of the people because THIS SHOULD BE THE NUMBER ONE STORY THEY SHOULD BE COVERING DAILY INSTEAD OF THEIR BULLSHIT AND NONSENSE ABOUT TRUMP.

Americans have already begun leaving knowing how bad this problem is, and we’ve gotten to the point where you can’t even take a ride on the subway in Queens without getting shot on the way out. America is doomed unless we build the wall. America is doomed unless we start deporting undocumented criminals and liberating towns and cities of MS-13 and transnational gangs.

Will we go down in history as the country of drive-by shootings? As oil-hungry invaders looking for the next war? Or as a nation of safety, security, and prosperity for all? Why must we go down this road, to the point where we cannot even enjoy Sunday barbecue in the backyard? American families are broken as wives and potential mothers sacrifice their baby on the altar of death: Abortion.

Nonetheless, I’ll be doing a long piece of the Fall of Western Civilization soon.

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According to information coming from Texas, the US Government and CBP are getting ready to start the construction of additional barriers along the US-Mexico borderline.

Last Spring, Congress approved funding for an additional 33 miles of new barriers, with locals in the Rio Grande Valley area now reporting heavy construction equipment, which CBP said would be arriving throughout this week.

In a statement, the agency detailed its plans to begin construction on more than 25 miles of new concrete walls and fencing at the border in the Rio Grande Valley area, and is expected to use government-owned land.

The issue of border security has left US lawmakers bitterly divided, as Democrats continue vowing to prevent any efforts at increasing security along the porous southern border.


The U.S. government is preparing to begin construction of more border walls and fencing in South Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, likely on federally owned land set aside as wildlife refuge property.

Heavy construction equipment was expected to arrive starting Monday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said. A photo posted by the nonprofit National Butterfly Center shows an excavatorparked next to its property.

Congress last March approved more than $600 million for 33 miles (53 kilometers) of new barriers in the Rio Grande Valley. While President Donald Trump and top Democrats remain in a standoff over Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion in border wall funding, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has pushed ahead with building what’s already funded.

That construction was often described as fencing, and the government funding bill that included construction was supported by some Democrats in the House and Senate. CBP refers to what it plans to build as a “border wall system.”

According to designs it released in September , CBP intends to build 25 miles (40 kilometers) of concrete walls to the height of the existing flood-control levee in Hidalgo County next to the Rio Grande, the river that forms the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas. On top of the concrete walls, CBP will install 18-foot (5.5-meter) steel posts and clear a 150-foot (45-meter) enforcement zone in front.

Maps released by CBP show construction would cut through the butterfly center, a nearby state park, and a century-old Catholic chapel next to the river.

Many landowners oppose a border wall and have vowed to fight the U.S. government if it tries to seize their property through eminent domain. Court fights over condemning land could take months.

CBP said in its statement that it intends to start construction on federally owned land. Environmental advocates expect the government to use land that’s part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

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