California REMOVES STATUE of Republican President WILLIAM MCKINLEY

Wow, this past the point of dangerous. And they’re continuing to remove history. What will be next? Abraham Lincoln? Because he freed the slaves? Or will it be George Washington? or The Washington Monument? This stuff needs to stop. It’s evil.

But yes, this happened in Arcata, California. Native American political activists complained about it representing ‘settler colonialism’ and the state removed the statue of President William McKinley early this morning.

Settler colonialism? Really? Oh great. More silly reasons to do stupid things, just like ‘reparations for slavery’ — which is more racist to blacks because it tells them they can’t do anything without a handout. Yeah, sounds like I’m voting for the other guy this time.

From Breitbart

“McKinley, a Republican, is considered one of the better presidents the U.S. has had. At the time of his assassination by an anarchist in 1901, he was “he was one of the most beloved presidents in American history,” an article in Politico recalled recently. Born in Ohio, he fought for the Union in the Civil War. His presidency is associated with the expansion of American power across the globe and the growth of American industry — including through tariffs.

In 2015, over Ohio’s objections, President Barack Obama renamed Mount McKinley in Alaska — the highest peak in North America at 20,310 feet — to Denali, its Athabascan name (which is what locals had called it anyway).

But radicals in Arcata wanted more. As Breitbart News reported in 2018, they agitated for the removal of the local McKinley statue, arguing that McKinley represented “settler colonialism” and damaged Native American tribes. The Eureka Times-Standard noted that activists said he represented “imperialism, white supremacy and genocide.”

The city council finally relented and voted in February to send the statue to a monument in Ohio. But as the Times-Standard reported Thursday, the city removed the statue without notice. Activists complained that the city’s move meant it still was insensitive to the feelings of Native Americans.”

Incredible. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  1. mach37 says

    By the reasoning of the “radicals in Arcata,” if McKinley’s statue had to be removed, all other statues of white Americans must also be removed. Reporters need to be more specific; was it really an official State of California action that removed the statue? Who made that decision? It should have come from someone fairly high up the ladder in state government and that person should be publicly named and recognized.

  2. JS says

    At some point you just have to say, “Enough. Get these f-ing retards out of here. We have real work to do.”

    Oh wait. We’re talking about California. My bad.

  3. Paul says

    As an 81 year old part Apache should I demand that all statues of Buffalo soldiers be removed from the public square because they were especially skilled in killing Apache and Sioux men, women and children? Or should I demand the removal of all Lincoln statutes because he participated in the Black Hawk wars and also ordered the hanging of 38 prisoners of war who happened to be Sioux warriors who participated in the 1862 Minnesota uprising where over 6oo whites were killed. Should the city of Rock Spring here in my home state of Wyoming be burned down because of the Chinese massacre in September 1885? No that is part of history and as inane as removing any vestige of our countries history. I could name hundreds of more incidents I’ve read about in the thousands of books I’ve read throughout my life. I lived in California 23 years of my life and served in the Deukmejian and Wilson administrations. It was a pretty sane state then.
    In England should they remove all history of William the Conquer and dozens of other leaders who conquered that small island nation? Where does this insanity stop? There is not one country that was not overrun by outsiders. This mentality of removal stems from lack of a real education which has been dumbed down over the past 30 years.

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