Border Patrol SEIZED more than 254 POUNDS of Fentanyl, enough to kill 60 million people

Of course even with this shocking revelation, Democrats don’t want a wall and the Democrat-controlled media doesn’t want to report this anyway. Meanwhile, many younger democrats and self-proclaimed ‘socialists’ want to leave the border open and ABOLISH ICE.

Tell me, would you still want to ‘abolish ICE’ and ‘leave the border open’ after learning that 254 lbs. of fentanyl can kill 60 million Americans? Yeah, not exactly much of a political promise anymore and something that really needs to be bipartisanly secured.

As reported by NBC:

The sensitive nose of a drug-sniffing dog has led to what federal officials say is the largest seizure in US history of fentanyl, the synthetic opioid blamed for the majority of overdose deaths.

Customs and Border Protection officers said Thursday they discovered 254 pounds of the drug hidden in a floor compartment of a truck loaded with cucumbers. They also found 395 pounds of methamphetamine.

CBP valued the fentanyl at $3.5 million and the methamphetamine at $1.1 million.

The seizure was more twice the size of the apparent previous record of 118 pounds which was found in a truck stopped by state troopers in Nebraska in 2017.

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