BOOM! “The day the legislators do not get paid, I guarantee you, there will not be a shutdown” — SEN. JOE MANCHIN

BOOM! I’ll tell you what—I’m really starting to like Joe Manchin a lot. He may be a Democrat, but he’s focusing in on real issues instead of party line identity politics that leave America robbed, beaten and broken beyond repair while the ruling class reaps the rewards.

Joe Manchin is one of the very few Democrats that have been strongly in favor of the President’s positions. Can you blame him? It’s common sense stuff. 

Meanwhile, other Democrat Senators try to get “cute” on the floor by introducing bills like the “Stop Stupidity” Act, to prevent government shutdowns. I mean really? That’s how low they want to go?

Hey, maybe that’s just the real nature of politics — argue all day and accomplish nothing, and getting paid for it. Now that is something we should put in a “Stop Stupidity” act instead to prevent stupid politicians from wasting taxpayer dollars!

Here’s Joe speaking on Face the Nation:

His small rise in media coverage all started when we spotted him standing and applauding the President during the State of the Union last year. That leaves a stone unturned — is he genuine in his out-in-the-open candor?

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