Biden AHEAD of Bernie as he leads by 29% heading into 2020

And according to a Monmouth Poll, former Vice President Joe Biden may be the only Democrat who can contest Donald Trump in 2020.

We can certainly say he was one of the most vocal, and even Donald Trump has been enticing him on the edge of running. But here’s the thing: Even though the poll numbers are showing him leading against all the other Democrat candidates—Biden hasn’t even once declared that he will run.

Similar to the Republican side, where Donald Trump had toted for many years of running for office, but never actually throwing his name in the hat, he soars to the top of the polls before considering it a real possible reality.

What are your opinions on Biden vs Trump? Here’s mine: There are a few cautious Democrats out there who want someone who isn’t as loud and boisterous as some of these new candidates running, and surprisingly enough—they’re making a safe bet to put (in their words) “another old white man” in Office.

Boy, these primaries are going to be interesting. It would be great to see them tear each other apart. On another note, it’s quite shocking to see Warren as high as 8%, let alone Harris.

Share if you would get a bucket of popcorn to watch Kamala Harris vs. Donald Trump in the debates! LOL

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