Beto O’Rourke: “Walls do not save lives. Walls END lives.”

Funny that you should say that with a fence literally right behind you. This is probably the reason why you couldn’t even get a crowd of 1,000 people to show up to your “not a campaign” rally for 2020. Nice save.

Of course, as expected the President himself had over 35,000 in attendance with 8,000 people outside watching on large screens. That’s a little crazy and makes you wonder what the hell nerve President Donald Trump is touching in this country to get that many people to show up to his rallies. I guess the formula is that you just start and keep going and people tend to tag along.

President Trump didn’t hesitate to mock O’Rourke’s crowd size. Nonetheless, the fact of planning the rally and getting as many people to turn out as President Trump did shocked me. Especially because we haven’t finished the wall. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect given the phenomenal State of the Union address that really reset the tone.

But folks, do you actually think we’re going to get this wall built? I have respect for Trump but talk is cheap hombre. We need the wall. I know we’re waiting on Congress to pass a bill with funding for border security, but if they continue to play games we can’t continue to play them either. We have to go either national emergency route or bust. We need the wall.

On crowd size, maybe there’s a special code between supporters that we don’t know about, like a rule that you’re supposed to bring five friends with you to every rally you go to. But what if you don’t have five friends to bring? I’m sure you could make some there at the rally though.

I can’t fathom it man. How does a President get nearly 43,000 people to show up to a rally, on a Monday evening after a hard day of work? Are people THAT BORED? Man, I love the patriotism in this country!

Anyway, watch the video:

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