As President Trump calls for THE END of Human Trafficking, Kamala Harris SHAKES HER HEAD? WTF?

This is the despicable face of evil prevailing.

Wow. Not heartbreaking but extremely ghoulish and disturbing that an elected official would make this disgusting and egregious display on national television while young Catholic white boys are harassed by the media and celebrity know-it-alls for smirking in general.

The truth is, Kamala, that America is putting human traffickers and gangs out of business whether you like it or not. You’re not Presidential material no matter how big of an endorsement you get from your potty mouthed friend Cardi B.

I know you want to destroy America. I ask first as a citizen, for you to please let the light of greatness shine on the darkness in your heart and dispel it from your morally corrupt soul.

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