Angel Mom has TOUGH WORDS for Senator Bob Menendez

I really don’t want to be the guy who calls him “football head’ like from that old animated TV show on Nickelodeon “Hey Arnold”, but have you noticed the shape of his head? Dang. Okay, that’s a bit low. But hey, that’s freedom of speech. I’m sure he can call this a fruitless, frivolous and facetious paper but this is politics. Politics is a big “free-for-all.” Sometimes you don’t know whose on whose side.

Of course, rather than me, an opinionated SOB, throw shade at the Senator, of which there is nothing to gain. But one Angel Mom fires at him, and fires at will with no holds barred after what many are calling an outrageous comment made by the Senator on illegal immigration.


Our legendary Sabine Durden, an Angel Mom who actually lost her son to an illegal immigrant murder chimed in.

It’s a shame that we cannot recognize the true evil that sleeps in the bushes on our border. Look not to the border we will not, but to the American ruling class we may find our answer to why the border remains open. Interesting things we may find.

Stay tuned for more “Tales of Interest!

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